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i want 2 talk 2 kyla ang suggest her 2 take highest note bec i love his highes notes
- bren macairan

ano daw?

well, it is nice to browse bembang. i'm interested to your magazine, where can i buy a copy? Please feature juliana palermo, biography, movies,tv shows/guestings.
- anne

You can't buy Bembang!

i love you
- michael martinez

i love you 2

your article is quite good and nice!!! I appreciate evrything... Keep up the good work aND MORE POWER!!! I want to see Ms. Claudine baretto if they're planning toget married with Raymart santiago? Also with Diet and KRISTIN. thNX
- vidaylin


i suggest to have an issue about celebrities favorites perfume and their top 5 current favorite perfumes. Please feature Anne Curtis
- ivy

Perfumes? What's with perfumes? Oh yes Anne Curtis...

Gotta love this e-zine. Totally cool. Love `em articles. Hmm, what more...maybe next time. Still the fact stands, very nice work. Please feature Bamboo.
- graeinler

Thank you!

ganda... nka2 aliw bsahin... Please feature piolo pascual, jericho rosales, sarah geronimo, keannu reeves(if possible, hehehe!)
- joyce

'sing ganda mo!

hoy bembang ang galing mo talaga mag imbento! pati yata yung mga comments dito inimbento mo!!! hehehe
- ketchup

Pareng Ketchup! idol... pano mo nalaman?

Bembang is quite good. feel guilty not paying for it. well i guess the best thing in life is free. Please feature any filo chicks.
- Ro

we'll charge next time!

sobrang totoo ung article na "Ranting of an AB Graduate." i can relate. =) anyway, nice online mag! keep it up. i do hope you would add lots of interesting stuff like promos and stuff. FREE stuff! haha! joke lang. suggestion lang. oh and, if i wanna advertise thru this site, is it possible? tanong lang. i'd like to see Jessica Zafra.
- meryll

Bembang! is free! No more other free stuff! Maybe in the future...

I just want to mention that I liked the articles 'The Pretzel Mind of a Woman' and 'Ranting of an AB Graduate'. It really opened my mind up (further) to understanding people and their different views on things. Thank you! Reading 'I am Free' was also very insightful (hehe). Please feature Barbie's Cradle? ^_^;
- michan

Makakarating sa mga writers...

GREAT SITE! I honestly thought this was a new mag in the Philippines (kasi 3 yrs. nako wala dyan eh) but then again, I've never seen your cover yet .. anyways, I love the articles .. the topics are random but well written, it's not too smart or too dumb .. basta fun to read!
- jess

I like that...

hope di nyo n mgustuhan c sandara park n pang parke lng ang mukha (joke)
- wala lng

In fairness... fair enough!

la lang... la akong msabi! sana feature din billy crawford sa magz ninyo..
- schene

billy? ala ako masabi...

Please feature more sarah christophers *nods*
- anonymous

sige we'll see what's up with Sarah...

great site =) inggit ako... gayahin ko kayo! ehehehe
- glen

Bilhin mo nalang Bembang! $150,000,000

i love piolo pascual sana email mo me pls,
- cecil

Yari ka sa spam!

Hi. I am e-mailing this message from NY. I was interested in one of Mark Verzo's article's- the one with Sarah Christophers. We went to school together at SJC but lost touch. We're visiting after nine years and would be delighted if you can lead is to the right direction. Thank you for your time. ~Michelle-Marie B. Nitafan.
- Michelle & Danielle Nitafan

Have forwarded this to Sarah

more judy ann santos info.. im a big fan & there are alot more fans u could imagine.. so have more of her on ur future issues!
- cace

May picture kami with Judy Ann! Hehe...

- jovelyn

Sana nga...

More comments from our past issues

- hazel

Daming nanggugulo dito...

ganda moh!!! astig ka!! (Kitchie Nadal Issue)
- dhang


whos her boyfriend & how old is she? (Kitchie Nadal Issue)
- dhermoth

I don't know. Kitchie's biography

cute ni kitchie heheheheheh. galing pa kumanta (",)
- edison santuile

I don't think anyone will disagree...

- mark andrew yumul

daming nagmamahal sakin ah...

its good and a nice page (Kitchie Nadal Issue)
- jeslyn denoga

Page? Which one?

keep up the good work.......
- robert junio

We will...

i love u kitchie
- jester lim

Ayun di lang pala ako ang minamahal dito...

kitchie kay ulit ung concert mo kasi gusta kita ulit makita eh at gusto ko ulit mag pa oto graph sayo un lang po cge po bye thanks po sa inyo bye?!!.
- kerby carl

Naku siguro mag-inquire nalang tayo sa manager...

no comment
- john lawrence ociones

mas mahaba pa ang pangalan sa sinabi

cool great! fantastic! hehehe!!
- Mark Yuan

bakit may hehe?

....? ganda mo kitchie!!!!!!! la lng.
- norman betana

daming fans!

put some pictures in every issue you published in the must be by page,so that we can notice or know who are you talking about!!
- Mimi Omictin

Galit! Sorry po.

- lyra limboc


- cherry

alang magawa...

Gusto k malaman lhat ng song ni kitchie nadal?at ung mga lyrics nya.....
- Rockstar

Mabuti at gusto mo malaman...

wala lng
- zaharah

tumpak! Zaharahhh!!!

i lyk the kikay stuff here sPecially d issue's 'bout d starzz,its kinda culit & more exciting...'Ope it wud go further beyond d gens.,,.gud luck..morepower..
- madz abrera

Todo txtr! Slmt madz...

sana po magconcert ang kitchienadal d2 sa naga,bicol!!!!
- blog

Wow Bicol! Maseram?

i like this stuff !!!
- eric suniga

Salamat at walang "s" sa dulo ang "stuff"

very nice
- Mary Jane Lapinid


i want to see kitchie in person!!!!
- nelly

Just go to her gigs man...

wla eh..masasabi ko lang crush na crush ko c kitchie nadal..may pagkahawig kc sya sa kaon ko"girlfriend" kung tawagin...un lang...sana someday makita ko sya in person.da best c kitchie nadal
- roroc lesbian

ah gets! ka-on!

its great to see this site i hope more pretty girl
- roman tolit

u japanees?

yikes! i was really really amazed to find out that kitchie's site was powered by bembang
- chino reyes

And thanks to them for choosing us!

educational for me who havent gone home for 15 years. I saw/read places of interest which i could make use of by the time ill be home
- Yette

Man that's a long time ago...

salamat sa pag features sa idol kow!!none other than KETCHIE NADAL....iba talaga kau!!!
- may amor futol

Naku hindi pa yata namin na-feature ang idol mong si Ketchie!

no comment
- wenalyn palma

no comment

- hazel


i love ur website, it's so cool.....lalo na ung all about kay kitchie nadal........!tnx...more power...! c",)
- maan


I love Angel Locsin so much!! She is so Beautiful! and cute.. i think im inlove with her!!!!
- Mark Chester M. Masicap

Baka akalain ng tao... Nope di pa namin na-feature si Angel.

try to give more info.
- allen


i want to know all about kitchie
- dorothy joy

Go read

Comments and suggestion to?? To Kitchie? Well, if for it's for kitchie, all i can say is.... She's Pretty cool. I really love her song! you're the best girl...! (this site is cool!!)
- Diana Villavicencio

Hehe. To the magazine of course...

i like it!
- carol ann coronado

like lang? hindi love?

no comment!
- jesmon

pagod na ako...

ayos lng!!!!!
- boy

steady ah...


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